The Mummy MOT is now available in Hadleigh

I am delighted to now be offering the Mummy MOT® in Hadleigh. This is a must-do for all women who have ever given birth, ideally carried out from around 6 weeks postnatal, but beyond that too. It includes a 1hr and 15 min assessment of your posture and biomechanics, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and will help you on your path to recovery and back to physical exercise. It can also highlight any areas where further in-depth physiotherapy assessment and treatment is indicated. To avoid any long term childbirth related complaints it is advised to come early and get your tummy gap and pelvic floor tested – then start an optimal postnatal recovery programme. In France this is considered standard postnatal care, but sadly it is still not offered routinely in the UK.

Most women after having had a baby, will have weakness in either their tummy or pelvic floor muscles (or both!), which can lead to poor core strength. The in turn can result in back pain, pelvic pain, vaginal prolapse, and bladder or bowel control issues.

The Mummy MOT® is a detailed physiotherapy assessment of the abdominal and pelvic area. It will check your posture, breathing, tummy gap and pelvic floor strength. You will receive a report of the findings on the day, plus an appropriate safe exercise programme will be prescribed. The Mummy MOT®  System combines the principles of Physiotherapy assessment with the practice of functional retraining. It is essential to address muscle weakness and imbalance, otherwise pain, prolapse, and continence issues can persist. Mums need to be able to bend, lift, squat, and twist safely, comfortably and without leakage, in order to care for their small children. The Mummy MOT exercises reflect the needs of your body at this unique time.

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